Beautiful beaches

95% windy days

Great night life

Good Vibes

Welcome to Tarifa:

Tarifa is the place to be ! Long, wide beaches and prisitine ocean; wind almost every day (unbelievable, but true!); and amazing social life, makes this kite spot not only the top one in Europe, but in the whole world!
Kiters enjoy wind all year round, and surfers are blessed with beautiful waves from the beginning of fall until the end of spring.

Two different wind directions: Levante (side, off-shore) and Poniente (side, on-shore) will not only make your kiting more interesting, but give you much more kiting experience.
Don't believe me? Explore Tarifa and the nearby area and check it out for yourself.
Whether you prefer relaxing at the pool in your high-standard hotel, or chilling in a van at the beach; Tarifa offers it all.
There is a reason why we choose Tarifa for a home. In few words - the best quality kiting, good surfing, delicious food, great community, diverse nature, and unforgettable sunsets.

What to expect:

Tarifa has something for everybody.
Great wind conditions that make it known as a watersports mecca, amazing night life that will not disappoint any party animal, and beautiful environment for all nature lovers.

After experiencing strong, powerful Levante (side, off-shore) and softer, consistent Poniente (side, on-shore), no wind conditions will suprise you ever again. You will meet a lot of interesting people that share your new passion, run loads of conversation about kitesurfing and fall in love with having salt in your hair. And when you come back home, sun-kissed, happier then ever, already planning your next kiting trip, you will smile every time you find sand in your pocket.

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Our Kitesurf Courses

Are often the beginning of a lifelong passion. Our mission is to have you ride in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with maximum safety standards. In 3 hours we give you a first-hand experience, in only 3 days we teach you to ride a board - and you will never leave this lifestyle.

Group Kitesurf Courses

3/4 people – 2 kites – 1 instructor.
Time: 3H – 90 euro per person

Take a bunch of friends (up to 4 people) and learn kitesurfing in a group. Share the experience and cost between four people. Life is too short to learn from only your mistakes! Don't worry, your instructor is experienced enough to handle all of you. Laugh together, learn together, discuss your ups and downs together - sharing is caring. 3 hours sessions per day is the perfect kitesurfing training.

Traveling by yourself? Ask us if we can provide a group for you.

Semi - Private Kitesurf Courses

2 people – 1 kite – 1 instructor.
Time: 3H – 120 euro per person

Your instructor is just for two of you for the 3 hour session, and you don't have to share the kite. That intensive training is leaving you space for autonomous training. Learn fast and in company. Don't take it as a competition, but rather benefit from observing your partner.

Prefer solo travels? Ask us if we can find a kitesurfing partner for your lessons.

Private Kitesurf Courses

1 person – 1 kite – 1 instructor.
Time: 2H – 130 euro

If you want to have 100% attention from your instructor, so that we do not miss any of your successes, private Kitesurfing lessons are just for you. 2 hours of intensive teaching one on one with a professional instructor will take your kite skills to the highest possible level. Fastest progressing guaranteed! Maximum safety, maximum attention, maximum progression.

Ask your instructor for a video from your lesson!

Price List

Kitesurf Course per person per hour
Group kitesurf Course 30€
Semi-Private Kitesurf Course 40€
Private Kitesurf Course 65€

All courses include:
- IKO, FAV and PZKite certified instructors
- Kitesurfing gear (kite, bar, board, harness, leash)
- wetsuit & safety gear (helmet, life jacket)
- SEA RESCUE rescue boats service
- Insurance
- IKO certification card.

About Us

Why us?

Our project is just two of us – a couple from Poland and Austria. What brought us together is our love for kitesurfing and passion for teaching. What's more we have a DREAM. Our dream to have a good people in the water – respectful, safe and happy kitesurfers.
For a long time we were teaching at various spots around the world (Brazil, Kenya, Vietnam, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Poland, Italy, Egypt) with different conditions (varying from flat, shallow water to wavy spots with narrow beaches) to gain the experience to teach you how to competently kite. Now we can say aloud; "we know how it's done!". People come and go in this profession, but we LOVE it, so we stick with it.
We invented an effective system with a valuable repertoire of advice that we have tested, and we know works. It is experience, awareness, and the desire to improve that makes a good coach. When you book with us, it is us teaching you – and that is your guarantee of the best kitesurfing lessons you will find. We do it in the safest way with maximum fun – in High Spirits.

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I moved to Tarifa in 2007 and have been teaching kitesurfing since 2009. During the last 10 years I worked in different schools, and during the winter I travelled to search for the perfect kitesurfing spot.
It was always my goal to open my own kiteschool and to be able to teach you on my own rules. Experience that I gained during those times helped me form my own system that is safe, and very efficient. Now I have the pleasure to offer you the best lessons you can get!


I always had an urge to move and be active. To experience, share, and inspire. I like to do things my way, in a way that is efficient and fun, and with full dedication. Teaching kitesurfing became my passion when I discovered that it is the easiest way to share my spirit with others, and to show you a different kind of lifestyle.
Being with nature and having fun using the elements in the safest possible way gives your life an energy boost and makes the world a better place! Sharing my knowledge, and learning new things is what brings me the greatest joy!

What's more:

Besides learning you how to kite and become a safe and independent kitesurfer we provide:

Foil Courses

kitesurf foil course tarifa

Want to try something new?

New adventure is waiting!

80€/ Hour

Spot Guiding

kitesurf spot guiding tarifa

Don't know which spot to choose?

No problem – contact us, we know where to go!


Kitesurf Gear Rentals

kitesurf gear rentals tarifa

We have it all!

F-one gear!

70€ / 3h